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Default Re: Gord's lyrics that mention (or for) children

quick thought - RM - I know what I forgot to mention about Cherokee Bend.. Gord said in concert once that the song was loosely based on the book "The Light in the Forest" - I think the author was Hal Boorland. (of Deliverance notoriety too i think)..

In any event it was in fact about a Native American boy who grew up in traditional "primitive" wiki-up setting, then wound up homeless and taken in by a man I recall being named Red (versus "Jim" in the song), a rodeo cowboy... And the boy learns to ride rodeo, and in the end...runs back in the woods as a young grown man, disenchanted, sheds his white mans clothing, and returns to his arboreal home.... I was assigned to read it about 8th or 9th grade.... good book. Any age. moderately close parallels to the song.
- geo steve
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