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Default Re: Old B&W Photos of Gord

Yes in deed - Paul Simon with the beard.

It's been years since I read the book and just dug it out recently to show Pam during her stay with us. It then occurred to me that some of the group may not have seen the photos as the book has been out of print for years. So I scanned most, but not all in and posted them here. Most that I omitted were printed over two pages - have to scan and stitch.

The photo description simply says "With Paul Simon, backstage at Saturday Night Live, May 22nd, 1976 - Photo by Joseph Sia." The book has no index and flipping through the pages around the photo doesn't give any further description. I'll have to re-read the book!

One photo I omitted was of Gord talking to a stagehand backstage on Saturday Night Live. A highlight marker bled through the page (Yes, I studied 'Gord 101' and highlighted pertenant passages and made notes in the margin!) Another photo was spread over two pages and I scanned in the Gord side while omitting Terry. (Yes, I hear ya')

A couple of interesting notes in the book.

Asked what Gord's favourite song was (at that time) he said 'Both Sides Now' - the Joni Mitchell tune.

The final line in the book has Alfreida Gabiou ask Gord "How did you begin writing songs?"
To which Gord Replied "It started with a kiss..." Awwwwww....
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