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Default Re: Nightime-1st time hearing

Originally Posted by johnfowles View Post
Excellent sluething Peter.
How on earth did you find it? ]
yes yes John sorry but I have to surmise that if this list is really new to you you cannot be paying enough attention to what is put up here!! Not to mention that full details are available from the cornucopia known as

Lol (j/k)

Hey I cant believe a massive bootleg museum curator and a Lightfoot unreleased song trivia master, would not know every inch of our beloved Canadian lightfoot website! Char has given the link below for John and noobs

I encourage all to have fun periodically sifting over the Tidbits section that Wayne has put together. That one page alone is a more fun read than the entire bidini book!

I agree John. That harmony album is way too short and I could actually have done without the live stuff breaking the mood on there. I would have liked more studio raritues, and more Harmony!

The album should have been called "no harmony"

Guys, there is a great intro blurb by Wayne and some comments about each of the Warner demos at the lightfoot site. Enjoy. Btw, I got the demos from a generous fellow countrywoman initially but then again right here a few years ago when someone posted the torrents file. Cyberspace can be soooo amayzing....

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