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Default Re: Besides Gordon,other acts (even actors) you've met in person.

Hi, Rez.
I remember Beanie and Cecil, but in their later incarnation as "a whole half-hour Bob Clampett cartoon", as it was billed. Clampett had left Warner Bros. after many years as a cartoonist there, and taken on this project. The animation was not very high-quality, and it all looked very low-budget (like a puppet show converted to animation, strangely enough) but I liked "Cecil the Sea-Sick Sea Serpent" mostly for the same reason I liked Rocky and Bullwinkle--for the wordplay and the silly puns. I remember one of the adventures was on "No Bikini Atoll"--pretty racy for a kid's show at that time, and also an oblique reference to the atomic testing that was done on Bikini Atoll. Hope all is well.
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