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Default Re: Besides Gordon,other acts (even actors) you've met in person.

Once I met someone that was in a famous band, but I didn't know he was famous until much later. He came over and sat by me and we started talking. I was with some of my friends, he was with some of his. We told each other our names and I didn't recognize his name until I happened to read it on the back of one of my albums. (I wonder if he remembers mine). Anyway, he was a very nice person, and when they gave me a ride home, he got out of the car and we lingered outside a little while for a hug. If I wouldn't have been so high, my poor little heart might have been broken. I should have grabbed a hold of the back bumper screaming, "don't leave" as they were heading away... I just wandered into the house in a state of bliss.
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