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Default Re: Besides Gordon,other acts (even actors) you've met in person.

Haven't gotten to meet Fogerty (I'd LOVE to do that!) but I saw him before he finally got over the whole Credence songs thing and then a couple of times afterward. You would not know it was the same guy. When he was out promoting Eye of the Zombie (easily the worst thing he has ever produced) he was pretty surly, the sound was largely muddled and other than hearing the songs off of Centerfield is was pretty bad.

He came back to the same venue after Blue Moon Swamp. (The next album and a real keeper.) He did tons of Credence and loads of things from his whole catalog. He was jumpy, up, clear - it was fabulous. I had read that such a thing was happening or I'd have never given him a second chance. We owe his wife big time. She's the one who got him back to doing what makes him happy.
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