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Default Re: Besides Gordon,other acts (even actors) you've met in person.

I haven't met that many famous people, personally. I met Bob Cousy, Celtic's great, when I was a kid, comedian and Dick Gregory, and a few years ago I shook Pete Seeger's hand, but that's about all when it comes to performers. I did meet another famous person back in 2000. I was getting on the plane to go back home from Mexico City (I was down there to do some tourism and to check out the presidential elections, the first ever that were anything like democratic), and was stowing my carryon in the overhead compartment, when there was some sort of commotion. One of the international observers to the election (to see if really was a fair vote) came on behind me--ex-President Jimmy Carter. We had just a moment to say hello and chat for a couple of seconds about the election. After that, the goons (uh, secret service) whisked him up into first class. After a little while he came down the aisles and shook everyone's hand and greeted them in English and not-so-great Spanish.
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