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quote:Originally posted by char:
Yep - that was it - I was too lazy to haul out my box of tapes/videos and check!
I love watching that show - there's also him, Red and Terry Whelan performing Pussywillows/Cattails in the studio. I loved the part of him laying in bed and getting up to write some music for it! He was 28 years old and looked so much younger. His mum and dad were a hoot talking about the house being full of kids and their instruments and his mum calling him Gordy. SO cute!
I gotta get that box down and have a video night of Lightfoot stuff.....lord knows I ain't busy doin anything else! Come and keep me company Cathy!

Now, I'd like to see that. In fact, I'd pay some good money to see any videos of Lightfoot at all!

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