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quote:Originally posted by DMD3:
I'll be able to manage, this I know because I did when my Grandad died. What I wonder is if there will be any lyrics stuck in my head like there was at the funeral home. When I saw my dad & aunt crying over the casket the lyrics "all of my children are healthy and sane they may say anything that they like" kept playing over and over in my head.
Thanks for your input DMD3. I remember where I was when I heard over the radio, that Elvis had died. I felt a little foolish sitting in the backseat of my parents car crying my eyes out. Thank you for not trying to dictate to me what I should, and should not talk about on this website (as others have), as long as it is related to GL, and there is no profanity involved, I dont see anything wrong with it. My subject was too depressing (apparently) for some people. (Holy smokes...Get a grip!!!)Maybe these same people would like to see all of the sad songs about death and loss (like Home From the Forest, or Ed Fitz)taken off the radio. Maybe those songs are too depressing and should not be allowed. We all know GL is recovering nicely, I just gave a hypathetical situation for anyone to use their imagination and comment on. It could have been a touching topic to many people here. If they dont like it, they can ignore it, or comment in a way that does not sound like you are trying to tell someone else how they should think or what they should write. I take my thoughts, my imagination, and my creativity seriously. I dont pick apart or condemn anyone elses subject lines, and I would appreciate the same from others.

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