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Default Blue Rodeo - Juno awards - kudos to Lightfoot

Blue Rodeo will finally get their due as one of Canada's most iconic rock bands when they're ceremoniously inducted into Canada's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the Juno Awards this Sunday (April 1). Many expected this day to come a lot sooner since Jim Cuddy and crew have long since proved themselves as rock titans in their native land. Interestingly enough, Cuddy, who co-founded the group in 1984, claims that had this prestigious honour come at another time, Blue Rodeo wouldn't have known what to make of it.

"I think it really depends on the psychological temperature of the band," he tells Spinner."A couple years ago, if they'd offered this to us we'd have thought it felt weird. But this hits us at a time when we're engaged with what we're doing in the future so we don't feel like we're stalling by looking back -- and everyone is allowing themselves to enjoy looking back because we have a lot to look back on.

"And this is not a band that celebrates milestones," he continues. "I do, but they just don't. Like, I go, 'Hey, 20 years ago we performed here and then I went there for a drink.' But the rest of the members of Blue Rodeo aren't like that."

But when Canada's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens up its doors to you there's no better time to get sentimental.

"Taking your place with all those other Canadian artists that we know and love, it's a unique prize," says Cuddy.

It's joining the ranks of legends like singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot that has Blue Rodeo's leader so pleased.

"He represents the real icon of Canadian music. We love his music, who he is and how he operates and represents Canada. So taking our place next to him is exciting."

Blue Rodeo -- who are also marking this year with the silver anniversary of their debut, Outskirts -- will take the stage in Ottawa during the televised Juno Award ceremony to perform a number with another national treasure, Sarah McLachlan.

"Having Sarah with us is very special because she came and did 5 Days in July and that was a seminal record for us, it really changed our band," says Cuddy. "So we're glad she's going to do a song with us, a song that will be a real celebration."
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