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One other suggestion:-
It is always worth reading the confessions of other Lightfoot addicts in the guest book,now conveniently split into yearly archives example 1999 (the first) at:-
Strangely the most recent corfid guest book entry appears to be the one by the irrepressible Jessie-Joe on March 15th 2006 in which he said
"Hey guys, This site was block for so long, happy to see it running again. Gord I will see you once again on your birthday,
at "The Old Lady" on shutter street. Looking really forward to this one. Youre biggest fan and friend" OMER"
Unfortunately having attended the Kitchener concert in October Omer did not venture west again in November when he would surely have enjoyed the jam sessions etc
He had previously signed the guestbook in December 2005:-
"Hello,to everyone! I am without a doubt,the bigest GORDON LIGHTFOOT fan there is.I challenge anyone to try to stump me on any information about our beloved genius.I've been worshiping him since 1969.Saw him twice in concert,in Halifax,NS Oct,1987 and in Moncton,NB April 1990.Own every CD'S,and lots more stuff.HE is simply the best. Bye for now! Omer J. Landry"
(I think that email address is no good??)

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