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Yes bjb, i love a lot of recent song, particularly "Restless", "Drifters" and all the "Harmony" album that, believe me or not, is one of my Gordon's favourites albums.
But remember that i make my dream setlist not only with my favourites at all; for example, "Sundown" is not one of my favourites, but i sure want to hear it if i'm at a Lightfoot concert!
Lookin' at the setlists of the first three shows, i saw that Gord keep the standard-show of the previous years.
I also think that there's a group of songs that Gord don't play since a long time: i mean "Affair", "Pussywillows", "Last time i saw her".....and so on.
These are all gems that are even better than the songs that Gord still play, so i hope that he'll play a few them on this comeback tour.
I think that this tour could bring to Gord the possibility of re-cover all his repertoire, it could be a gift to his fans and to himself too.

But finally, i understand how hard can be choosin one song or another for a show, when you have written all this beautiful songs.....

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