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Thank you Florian.
I consider it an honour to be asked to participate with this board. I'd like everyone to know that just because I'm a Canadian doesn't mean I'll put up with any hanky-panky or inappropriate postings.!
I am of the opinion that if a person should come onto any discussion board such as this and be rude, slanderous, mean-spirited and deliberate towards the subject of the board or any persons posting on the board they should be ignored and not replied to. Attention is a craving for them and if they don't get it they will get bored and go away! I hope! Differences of opinions such your individual thoughts about the best Lightfoot song/favourite Lightfoot song (Beautiful)/best Lightfoot hairdo/ best album cover etc.etc. can be done maturely with respect and tolerance for each others different opinions. Personal attacks are not necessary nor will they be tolerated. Treat each other as you would like to be treated - with respect!
I have so enjoyed this board and the others I frequent that I can't even describe how happy it has made me to "meet" all of you. Sharing such a passion in my life such as Lightfoot is, came as a beautiful surprise to me because I always felt he was mine and no one could possibly be as enraptured as I! Well, lo and behold - here you are - in love with the man and music and I love that you are too! I've learned to share him and revel in your stories and passion as if they were my own. We are a special bunch of people to find this connection and keep it true to the respect we all feel for Gordon M. Lightfoot. We need to remember that every time we talk to each other.
Okay - lesson's over: be good, be kind and don't make me have to figure out how to delete any messages! LOL
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