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Default Re: Top 10 Lightfoot Songs as Voted by Canadians in 1988

Originally Posted by joveski View Post
i'm surprised "circle is small" made it in there. if it was 1988, i thought maybe I'll tag along or Passing ship would have made it
Although I like both "I'll Tag Along" and "A Passing Ship", I'm not very surprised that neither song made the Canadian "Lightfoot top 10" list in 1988. From what I recall, both songs received virtually no air play (and possibly no air play at all) on radio stations in Toronto in the months which immediately followed the release of the "East of Midnight" album in 1986. I'm guessing that both songs experienced a similar fate on radio stations throughout Canada.

I'm surprised that "Old Dan's Records" made the Canadian "Lightfoot top 10" list in 1988 and that "Carefree Highway" didn't make the list. (Of the six Lightfoot songs which have made the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the United States, "Carefree Highway" is the only song which didn't make the Canadian "Lightfoot top 10" list in 1988.)
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