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Default Re: cover of SUNDOWN by Toby Keith

Originally Posted by podunklander View Post
What's wrong with that? It may have charted pop and adult contemp. but we all considered it as a rock song at the time. It rocks, always has!
lol, i don't think it's the 'rock' genre reference that's at issue, lol

anyhow, if he had even phrased it as a 'classic Americas rock song', sure it would have been collectively included north and south of the border but would have been ignorant to all the UK, Aussie fans who enjoyed it's far reaching airwaves...hey, when i googled to try find the full version i got lots of hits for toby keith lyrics including sundown...getting used to brushing that stuff off...i think canucks need to take the attitude, claim anyone born elsewhere that sets foot here that's got any appeal (like Halladay, lol) and share those who are talented who were born here, like GL...and most importantly export everyone who is of no use, lol

is there a TK video of this 'Deluxe' track playing on CMT or wherever? i'm getting the feeling that only those diehard TK fans who have gobbled up the cd earlier this week are the only ones who are going to get some GL exposure and that it will not be a single reaching country audiences of the south...i probably read into that myself after getting caught up in the initial hype...i wonder how GL feels about being on an album called Bullets in the Gun...based on reviews that is supposed to be a decent title track...i'll keep my ears open and try keep my mind also open
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