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Ron Jeremy, eh? Ha ha! You sound like a spirited person. I am from wwwaayyy down south in the land of cotton. Jackson, Mississippi is my home. I have always wanted to visit Alberta, though. I have been to 43 states and 1 province (Ontario). When I first started college, I wanted to go to the University of Alberta.

I had a cousin who was obsessed with Ron Jeremy. Lord knows why. That guy could have any number of .. uh .. maladies.

Gordon is a great guy. I have a couple of autographs of his, 1 from Terry Clements and 1 from Mike Heffernan. All the guys in the band are fun to talk with. If you're a musician, they love to talk shop, too. I talked with Mike for half an hour about his keyboard setup once.

Anyhoo, I better get back to work.
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