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Default Re: Lightfoot and Bigliardi Steak House

So sorry to hear Bigliardi's is closing. Excellent food! Mr. Bigliardi might be pleased to know that when the double decker tour buses go past his establishment, the tour guides point it out for its great cuisine and the Taylor-Burton connection (sorry, nothing of Lightfoot is mentioned). This was on a tour I took in early July of this year, so he's made his mark for sure!

Wanted to experience Harry's but never got the chance - closest I could get was Hy's (Harry without the "arr" - LOL). Very good steak but I'm sure Harry's was much better. When I ate there during Massey May 2008, a movie company was filming right outside so I got a floor show to boot. They had the greatest cars there - Auburns and Cords, maybe even a Dusenberg...and NO, I did not learn to drive in any of those cars, I'm actually younger than that! Always wondered what the name of the film must be out of post by now and in theatres? Sheryl
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