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I thought your "California comment" was so funny - and there's more truth in that than I think a lot of people out there know! And unfortunately, I agree with you regarding the ticket price - steep but it didn't stop me from hitting the "Buy now" button! Lord, by the time the concert date comes, we might be able to say hi to all the corfidians comprising the first and second rows! This should be a VERY INTERESTING COMMENT, and I totally second reviving "Bells of the Evening." The first time I was taken to a Lightfoot concert, he played that as well as "Fine as Fine Could Be" at the piano. Mentioned this to Mandoann and she was a little taken aback, I think, when I told her that he was so funny that night - he even introduced "As Fine As Fine Could Be" as a song he wrote for his daughter, and you could tell he really touched the heartstrings of so many of us in the audience. However, to get us back, he pretended to fall off the piano bench! And yes, this WAS during his drinking years! LOL

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The ticket prices do seem high - however - in this case, the venue is quite small: 485 seats! If this were a 3000 seat theatre it would be out of line - but to be able to attend such an intimite show (to me) justifies the price of admission. This venue is a historical site in the Napa Valley - and the renovations are beautiful. I do know that the minimal operating costs just to do a small show like this eats up a lot of the ticket price. Staff, insurances, and middle-men still cost the same as it would for a much larger show. For sure, GL and all that travel with him will only see a fraction of this. I do agree though about the initial sticker shock, but it did not stop me from clicking on my "add to cart" button. Second row, center, 2 seats!! Can't wait! This - by the way - comes from a guy who use to get comps to Gord's shows for 3 decades. This has all changed now - and I am quite happy to be a paying customer (with benefits!). Remember - this is California....concert tickets are prioritized over mortgage payments! :-)

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