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Thanks for your input. I always wondered who called the shots and who decides what the tickets are priced at, etc. MY GOD, you must have to have an asbestos skin to make it in the entertainment world or, as someone said recently, they don't call it show BUSINESS for nothing!

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Some valid (and funny) points here.
I honestly do not know the particulars regarding this venue - but I can offer this just for a comparative.
About ten years back - Barry Harvey and myself were attempting to book a "plug-in" gig for Gord in Walnut Creek, California at the Dean Lesher Center for Performing Arts; a very nice theater - seating 800 +. Small, but do-able for a plug in. This was a three day hole in Gord's schedule between Santa Rosa and The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.
From the outset - the venue made it clear that they were calling all the
shots - to include ticket pricing and percentages of sales to The House. Also, comps, load-in/load out, and sound issues were all under THEIR control. This is a very nice venue - and it would have sold out two nights!! But, after a few frustrating phone calls with the (then) venue manager....Barry just threw his hands up and said "I give."
This happens more than people realize in this business.
Also - if the Napa can be rented for $3,000. - which I do not doubt - it would most likely be a special price for a school function, company party, etc. Translation? Non-profit.
But once a NAME like Lightfoot takes the Marquee - the rules change - and percentages apply. I do speak from "past experiences" though.
I truly have no clue as to how things work today.
Honestly, I would have paid even more for the seats I acquired for Napa - and I have nobody cutting my lawn! Ok, I do , but it's a small yard!
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