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Hi, B45! LOVED your comment about Stockton and "The Big Valley" - took me 'way back to 1966, when my dad retired and we moved from his last post to Sacramento. We had lived in such a little podunk (sorry Podunklander!) town in Illinois, and then bam! we came out to California, and I remember the tv being on and thinking I was going to live in a GREAT place because if they made that big a deal out of STOCKTON, Sacramento must be so much better! (WRONG!) I thinkk Stockton's been going through 'tidying itself up' for awhile and yes, it WILL take a long time. I admire the people who refuse to give up on this little town (BUT, that doesn't mean that I want to walk through any part of the downtown area alone!) If the Lightfoot Band brings revenue into the City, that's great. I mentioned that to a corfidian recently. Mandoann and I went to Tarrytown, and I went to Richmond, VA to see the Lightfoot Band and joked that I'm sure it wasn't planned on his part, but The Lightfoot Band has put a spotlight on these wonderful little theatres that were built around the turn of the century and need to be preserved. We here in Sacramento lost a two- or three-year battle with developers, who trashed a great Art Deco theatre to put up a Safeway grocery store. Same thing's happening in Toronto (Maple Leaf Gardens was bought by some big grocery chain and almost trashed it when they found out that the seats were "holding up" the roof! Apparently people were up in arms about that and the company is trying to figure out a way to keep as many people as they can happy. Anyway, that's what the tour guide said! I sure hope they can serve as a blueprint for saving these great little theatres!.

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TC - I have heard this about Stockton also...many times.
However - The Bob Hope Theater is one of the newest and finest in the Country!!
Incredible may be the only description.
Plus - many of us must pay some homage to Stockton....after all - it was the location for the 1960's TV show: The Big Valley.
Now, I - for one - was in love with Audra Barkley (aka Linda Evans), for this reason, and the incredible Theater - I must defend Stockton to some extent. I write this from my home in rural Clayton, California - on the east side of Mt. Diablo - but - just a short 45 minute drive to Stockton.
Really just injecting some levity here!!
"You don't have to play to win, but then you might!" (I draw to inside straights....)
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