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Some valid (and funny) points here.
I honestly do not know the particulars regarding this venue - but I can offer this just for a comparative.
About ten years back - Barry Harvey and myself were attempting to book a "plug-in" gig for Gord in Walnut Creek, California at the Dean Lesher Center for Performing Arts; a very nice theater - seating 800 +. Small, but do-able for a plug in. This was a three day hole in Gord's schedule between Santa Rosa and The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.
From the outset - the venue made it clear that they were calling all the
shots - to include ticket pricing and percentages of sales to The House. Also, comps, load-in/load out, and sound issues were all under THEIR control. This is a very nice venue - and it would have sold out two nights!! But, after a few frustrating phone calls with the (then) venue manager....Barry just threw his hands up and said "I give."
This happens more than people realize in this business.
Also - if the Napa can be rented for $3,000. - which I do not doubt - it would most likely be a special price for a school function, company party, etc. Translation? Non-profit.
But once a NAME like Lightfoot takes the Marquee - the rules change - and percentages apply. I do speak from "past experiences" though.
I truly have no clue as to how things work today.
Honestly, I would have paid even more for the seats I acquired for Napa - and I have nobody cutting my lawn! Ok, I do , but it's a small yard!

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