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The ticket prices do seem high - however - in this case, the venue is quite small: 485 seats! If this were a 3000 seat theatre it would be out of line - but to be able to attend such an intimite show (to me) justifies the price of admission. This venue is a historical site in the Napa Valley - and the renovations are beautiful. I do know that the minimal operating costs just to do a small show like this eats up a lot of the ticket price. Staff, insurances, and middle-men still cost the same as it would for a much larger show. For sure, GL and all that travel with him will only see a fraction of this. I do agree though about the initial sticker shock, but it did not stop me from clicking on my "add to cart" button. Second row, center, 2 seats!! Can't wait! This - by the way - comes from a guy who use to get comps to Gord's shows for 3 decades. This has all changed now - and I am quite happy to be a paying customer (with benefits!). Remember - this is California....concert tickets are prioritized over mortgage payments! :-)

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