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Default Re: Songs that took a little while to grow on you

"Sweet Guinevere" the opening tune on the 011 tour. Fantastic song, melody is incredible, had never heard it before, though I've owned all the albums (including "Sit Down Young Stranger" before it was "IYCRMM." Other gems like "14 Carat Gold," too. Loving the comeback of the old tunes and his attitude.
Recently overheard a conversation where one guy was telling the other about going to the Raleigh show, and criticizing Gord. Preposterous! My godson, who attended the Raleigh show with me and loved it, leaned over and said, "You're not going to say anything to this guy, are you? I mean, we don't want a scene..." I just said, "Son, I'm 58...too old to start a brawl anymore..."
I've been playing the stuff from the shows, but keep coming back to "Sweet..."
The man tells great stories, but he's truly a master of the music, the blending of tunes. I saw the first show in Greensboro and the following one in Raleigh and it's good to here from others that Carter is getting a lot of praise.
The pressure the guy has been under has been incredible, after all.
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