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Default Re: 50 years following unsuccessful sports team

Late response here but I'm glad your team finally won. In comparison,
I followed the Phoenix Suns basketball team for awhile between 1991/92 & 1998/99.

Here's a team that played it's first game a feww weeks after i was
born (1968). They've only gone to the finals in 1976 and 1993 and lost both times.

They've made the after season playoffs numerous times,
but somehow the other teams always end up eliminationg them.

At the end of tht fantastic (and heartbreaking) seson of 1992-1993, with the Suns against the Bulls in the end, a book was written here in Phoenix about that 'near' championship season.

At the end of the book, the autor muses on how it took 17 years for the Suns to make
the finals and hopes it doesn;t tke another 17. ....It's now coming up on 24 years this June.

My only guess s to why a team (who turns 50 in 2018) has never won a champions shi can be two things. The superstition that Phoenix teams (especially them) are 'cursed' ...or, it's just the luck of the draw and the playing of the game.

Only the Arizona Diamondback baseball team & the Phoenix Mercury (ladies team) have won national titles. I too wish the Suns would win even one championship. Not becasue I care anymore, but because I'm sick of hearing about how they lose. Them and the Cardinals football team.
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