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Jim Driskell
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Here are the results so far:

Showdown #1
Old Dan's Records 16 Uncle Toad Said 2

Showdown #2
If You Could Read My Mind 13 Harmony 1

Showdown #3
Drifters 12 Stay Loose 6

Showdown #4
Hangdog Hotel Room 10 Betty Called Me In 5

Showdown #5
Slide on Over 10 Blackberry Wine 5

Showdown #6
Sea of Tranquility 8 Triangle 6

Wow, I'm surprised. I thought that Triangle would win. I've always enjoyed Sea of Tranquility too. I just had the feeling from reading on this BB that Triangle was a real crowd favourite. This is the first showdown where I was suprised by the outcome. I think the next one might be hard to predict too. These two songs are connected because they both describe interesting gentlemen who wander the countryside. Which song do you enjoy the most:

Don Quioxte


Minstrel of the Dawn

Have fun.
Jim Driskell
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