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This website is fantastic! It's like Disneyworld for Lighfoot fans. It has everything except one thing. And that is in
addition to all the wonderful smiley faces,
I would love for it have little red, cracked & broken hearts for all of the ladies who are
pinning away for our Hero for the rest of their lives. But then, this board would be so full of little broken hearts that there would no room for the gentlemen to comment!

Regarding the subject at hand. I have recently printed out pages of lyrics thanks to the website. And I have noticed that the lyrics can stand on thier own without the melody and vice versa. I'm a fan of lots of types of music, although Gord & his band are my favorite, far as away.... Most music cannot do that. Melody and lyrics must be together because the lyrics aren't poetry
& the melody, alone, is just elevator music.
This is just my very humble opinion and observation.

I've also designed needleworks with a likeness of Gord's home, including lyrics and one Victorian sampler with his trademark
(last time I checked long ago) roses and lyrics to "Forive Me Lord".No copyright infringement since they were hanging in his home. (unless they've been auctioned off to charity since his marriage. I imagine his
sweet bride had a great time redecorating!
And I'm all for charity auctions! Ok, any of
you guys end up with them?)
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