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I posted my sentimental favorite above. And I have read (again) all of the other posts, and I am a little surprised at the relative lack of attention paid to the following songs:
Canadian Railroad Trilogy: powerful subject, powerful music, powerful lyrics, and powerful performance. Didn't I read once that he wrote it for Expo 68? Just a GREAT song right up to the climax ("ON the mountaintops we stand/ All the world at our command/ We have opened up the soil? With our teardops . . . and out toil!!!) Then the repeat of the first verse and the haunting ending. I hav e probably listened to this song more than any other, and LOUDLY!!

Early Morning Rain: A great song that gave Gord one of his early hands up the ladder.

The Way I Feel: Either version. I will never get tired of hearing this song.

Carefree Highway: One of the best songs off of the most popular album. Vintage Gord.

Like most of you you, the problem here is where to start and where to end. The list of great songs goes on . . .

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