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Without a doubt, my favorite is The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald. Although no one will ever truely know the thoughts of Captain Ernest McSorley and his crew of 28 brave men, or even if they knew what hit them till they found themselves some 500 feet below the surface of Lake Superior, Gordon tells, what I believe to be, a very realistic tale of what may have happened on November 10th, 1975.

The closest ship to the Fitzgerald, on that fateful night, was the Arthur M. Anderson with Captain Bernie Cooper at the wheel. The last words heard by Cooper, from the Fitzgerald were "We're holding our own". Then there was silence. What exactly caused the Fitzgerald to go under has been greatly scrutinized, and still is to this day. With literally thousands and thousands of sunken ships laying on the bottom of the Great Lakes.....if it weren't for Gordon Lightfoot, would the sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald be as popular as it is.....I think not. God Bless you Captain McSorley and crew, and God Bless all who've lost their lives on the Lakes.

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