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Now I'm the first Steve that posted about "On Susan's Floor," but not the second. Obviously Gordon has many fans named Steve.

Oh, I've always thought that "The Watchman's Out" is one of his most under appreciated song. Sundown may be that rarity of rarities of a performer's best work also being his most popular.

Let's see - other really underappreciated songs... "Long Way Back Home" from "Back Here on Earth," "Black Day in July," probably because it's considred dated, but I played it one night during the Ridney King riots and folks found it quite up to date), "Ordinary Man" from Don Quixote....and on it goes....

"Oh say can you see
My best friend is me
I'm a friend I can use"

"It's that lonesome, restless feeling
That you feel unfer the gun
And it leads me to the highway
But it keeps my body warm."

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