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Theresa - I'm glad to hear you agree about the "Watchman"!

I recently heard a classic and was reminded again of why I love Gord's music so. That song is the beautiful picture painted in words and music called, "Song For a Winter's Night". His work is so prolific, that it's actually possible to forget about great songs like this, and then when you stumble upon them again, you feel the excitement of discovery all over again. This song really showcases his ability to make the listener feel as though they are really there. His descriptions of every detail - the light, the fire, the weather - even the level in his glass - really makes you understand his point. Actually, surprisingly enough, I heard this song was written in a hotel room during a rainstorm in Cleveland!

Another long time favorite of mine is surely the lesser known "On Susan's Floor". The warmth his voice conveys when he tells this wonderful musical story is touching. Susan must have been a fantastic person. I find that his music inspires that same comfortable and welcoming feeling he describes her home as providing.

"In the mornin' I'd go on
Buyin kingdoms with my songs
Knowin' I'd be back in just awhile"
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