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I agree that this big mystery thing is a P.I.A.
I think it's best not to ponder so much on this whole Gordy health issue otherwise you're just gonna drive yourselves crazy.
Worry is a drain on the mind & "happiness factor".

Hey man, "En-Lighten up!"
FYI: The correct spelling is "Buddha" & it isn't a "god" that we worship. It's the name of the highest life condition we all possess (which makes us all Buddhas).

Buddhism is more accurately categorized as a philosophy more so than a religion (like Christianity). Comparing it to Christianity is like comparing apples to oranges.

Furthermore, we are a pretty peaceful bunch in that our "Faith equals our daily life" therefore, the positive effects of Buddhist practice is shown through our lives to others in our immediate environment whereby empowering others to change their present negative situations; therefore, we don't feel the need to "compare" &/or "put down" other religions in order to prove the validity of it's teachings.

"Mathematics is well & good but, Nature keeps dragging us around by the nose."
Albert Einstein

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