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You know, things were really touchy there for about 36 I can see why Gord and the family might want to see how things go. I'm no doctor, but common sense would point to the possibility that whatever the condition the blood vessels that ruptured were in...other vessels could be in a similiar precarious situation. And, as mentioned above, having nicotine in your system causes your body to heal much more slowly. Both of my parents had lung surgury and because they were smokers (yes, the cause of the surgury) they had to be off cigarettes for a week to 10 days before they would give the blood's clotting ability and tissue healing ability a chance to get somewhat back to "normal". Keep in mind that this has never happened to Gord and his family...and you have adult kids putting in their two cents worth as well. I will bet ya we have some kind of progress report, such as it is, this week.
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