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Default Re: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
I found it boring and was really insulted with the blatant fabricated stories that were included. I love a lot of Dylan stuff but always felt him to be a made up person, someone who went out of his way to try to fool people. This movie shows it and he even says so himself. Murray McLachlan says the same thing in the bio by Nicholas Jennings.. Dylan is a character he plays..Lightfoot is the real deal. I actually wanted to punch Dylan in the throat a few times - his rambling arrogance just irked me so much!

I've heard over the years Bob could be a jerk at times.

I remember watching some film of him being interviewed back in the day and responded to someone asking about songwriting and says.

"I got nothing to say about the songs I write. I just write them!"
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