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Default Re: LIGHTFOOT by Nicholas Jennings - Sept.2017

Originally Posted by 3pennies View Post
He looked at Kim and then looked at me and said something like "yes, it's being worked on."

Could this be what he was referring to?
I hope so. And when it comes out, I'll be waiting to get my copy in the post. There's no way I would not consider buying such a book that Gord willingly contributed to.

And as the kind of long term fan who often does not even need to hear the songs any more, I know them so well, I don't really expect to learn much new from it. While Gord has been famously reluctant to oblige interviewers over the decades, the interviews he did grant are consistent. I know much about his workman-like approach to writing songs, and the fact some friggin' good tunes came out of that process. Yes, his bandmates and producers also influenced the arrangement of those songs, but Gord hired those people for a reason! And the songs would not exist if he hadn't locked himself into empty spaces and ground them out.
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