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Default Re: Two Recent Video Interviews of GL by Rudy Blair (680 News)

egadz now every Lighthead is going to want an SS Edmund Fitzgerald head That was too funny!!! Wonder how much... n'mind!

Nice decor...Early Funeral Parlor . Myself - I used to go for the big, dark pieces but I'm now reformed, light oak. Except I couldn't help myself and bought a HUGE Baroque-style chaise :roll eyes:. And I think I spotted a parquet floor in his house there and started drooling .

12,000 sq ft is not enough room for a Siamese cat!!! Wow oh Gordon is a brave man to take that cat in!! I took in a Siamese cat...tried to find the owner, but nobody would claim him. I found out why!! My son was a toddler and I didn't have to worry about him getting into things or breaking anything...but Chowder...OMG. He even knocked down a framed sketch that was hanging 4' or so on the wall...and tore it right out of the frame! I spent soooo much time on that drawing! I guess Chow really didn't like Neil Young!!!!

Nice to see these videos...thanks Off Younge!
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