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I'd like to joing others in expressing condolences to the family of a truly wonderful man.

I also have my own "Terry" story to tell. I was attending a concert in Florida with my mom, my dad, and my three brothers. It was maybe fifteen years ago, and I was probably eight, but it could have been a year or so in either direction, as my family attended multiple Lightfoot concerts. While we were preparing to entering the concert venue, my older brother and I got into an altercation in which I landed a solid kick to his knee. My dad saw this, to he sent my mom and brothers into the auditorium with their tickets, while he walked me in the direction of the parking lot to get to our car, where Dad would "counsel" me as to the error of my ways. Before we even reached the parking lot, sort of behind the stage area of the building, we came across Terry smoking a cigar. Dad recognized him. I don't know if Terry was just being his usual friendly self or if he recognized the looks on our faces, read the situation, and decided to save a poor little girl from getting whacked. Anyway, he engaged my dad in conversation for what was probably ten minutes. He was very sweet to me as well. My dad was so utterly thrilled at meeting and conversing with the great Terry Clements that I never got whacked that night. I've always been grateful to Terry, and I'll always wonder if he knew what he did for me.

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