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quote:Originally posted by TheWatchman:
[B]No problem. I saved those to my hard drive before they disabled that option.
sorry Al pal but I think you are incorrect there. My understanding is that there never was an option in this case to save any streaming files to one's hard drives as they are by nature and design "hidden" away on a server somewhere. Therefore it was never "enabled" per se in the first place. What we were told by clever souls who investigated was that one needs a programme to sniff out the address where each file is stored.
one such (non-free-but there may be a way around that) programme is WMrecorder (all of the videos on that wonderful CBC site are in Windows Media Video (*.wmv) format)
which I then found it becessary to convert to the mpg format so that Nero could burn very satisfactory VCDs (video CDs) to play in our standalone DVD player full size through a large (26") television set. Fan-bloody-tastic
Yes this subject was fairly exhaustively discussed when the existence of the CBC archives was first discovered see
Al your memory must be defective because you your-very-self posted twice to that topic
To get WMrecorder visit:-
and click on the "demo" link to find
"you get a demo version (read more here), which limits you to two minutes per recording"
regarding Max's actual query I emailed him yesterday off list asking him for some information but have yet to hear back from him, tut tut
Just in case my email went astray I'll paste in the relevant portion:
Hi Max
greetings/caio to Italy

I refer to your fan club request
(Yes Max posted the exact same query on the Yahoo GL fanclub group) at:-
for tv show information which would be better posted on one of the two main Lightfoot message boards corfid see below or the Usenet Newsgroup
quick link:-

Where are you (silly me he did say "max from Florence" even if that should be Firenza- I guess Max is not actually Italian?), what do you do,and how did you get interested in Gordon Lightfoot
Regarding your video requests. You seem to know already that you are asking the impossible
the subject of Chicago PBS 1973 came up recently on the corfid forum:-
(opops I should have given the actual topic's link:-
and it was concluded that although there is an excellent audio CD floating around most
recently on ebay:-
(that auction has now ended)
(I should have added thatn there is no known video extant) but it was interesting as it included some nice jewel case artwork (different to the copy I have)
The main probem with all three shows that you listed is that they predate the common use of video recorders by several years
However the CBC museum in Toronto recently held a number of old show screenings including apparently a film version of the great March 1968 (oops I meant to ask "Is this what you meant by CBC 1967?? or were you thinking of the January 1967 CRT-now on the CBC Archives site??") special see my scan of the television guide at:-
My firm ambition is to somehow obtain a copy of that as a videotape.I saw the show live on tv when living in Montreal The other interesting show you brought up is BBC 1971 did you get the date from Wayne Francis' site
I saw two BBC tv shows (after returning to England in 1969) one was definitely in 1972 the other I failed to note the actual date
I would also love to have that show what information do you have??
Hoping to hear back from you
John Fowles
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