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quote:Originally posted by jj:
hey, thanks for the nice words, rona
i'm mainly just here to be laffed with or at (even the latter doesn't bother me )

char, i did that one-handed, i'm getting good, eh?

btw, next printing will definitely include a Hanukkah song since Gord had universal appeal

instead of the Dreidel Song, how about "Spin, Spin"?

pls, any others to add, you creative folks, you?

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Being Jewish myself, and knowing that Chanuka usually gets short shrift in Christmas' wake, I thought I'd post a few titles myself..and while I was on a roll, I added a few extras for some of our other holidays
For Channuka :
Anything For Latkes
All the Lovely Driedels
Songs the Macabbee Sang.
Does Your Mother Know (You got a Christmas tree?)
Affair on 8th Night

For Passover :
The Matzohs and Mary Ann
(Four Cups of )Blackberry Wine
Bitter Herbs
Brisket City

For Sukkot :
The Sukkah is Small

and For Yom Kippur :
Forgive me L-rd

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