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quote:Originally posted by lyndsay butler:
Does anyone know who or why he wrote Go Go Around. I know at one time when he was in the Village (Yorkville) there was a go go dancer that danced in the window of, I believe, The Mynah Bird. Just curious.
I tried some researching (googling) for "Mynah Bird Toronto Lightfoot"
I found an interesting site on Canadian music at:-
there are many items missing and not all the links are satisfactory especially one to a page that presumably would have given some Gord details
but in particular I noted this statement:-
Sylvia's song, You Were on My Mind was a 1965 hit for the We Five,
and was also recorded by fellow Canadians Joni Mitchell and
Gord Lightfoot.I Don't think so. perhaps the writer was thinking about that well known Lightfoot ballad "If you could have been on my mind"!?
and also I never knew that:-
the Guess Who became the Bachman-Turner Overdrive nor that:-
In 1970 Kate (McGarrigle) married singer Louden Wainwright Jr., and based herself in New York.
It was Louden who was (I believe) the only singer to have recorded Gord's "Talking Silver Cloud Blues" (about Ronnie Hawkins)
I also found one site which stated:-
"The old Riverboat sat next door, more or less, to the old Mynah Bird"
which is unfortunately a stupid Adobe Acrobat file that includes this detail:-
(why stupid well in my experience it is not possible to save a pdf file nor search nor copy and paste any text. Pretty dumb to my way of thinking)
"The Riverboat where acts like Jessie Colin Young, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot,
Ian and Sylvia performed. The Mynah Bird with dancers in the upper windows. ... "
Just thought it worth mentioning

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