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Default Re: CD of WIOQ-FM Radio -PBS SOUNDSTAGE 1979 -

Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
Here's to hope that the original TV broadcast will also surface as an official DVD one of these days!
OK Gunter,it was nice to see your name here again a mere 8 years almost since you last deigned to post here
If that means that you have not seen all the activity here meanwhile you just might have missed the fact that an obviously and presumably unofficial issue (shorn of any originating credits) has been available for a while from Amazon's UK website under the catchy title "Troubadour"

see the pair of threads
from April 2014
and from January 2014
There are still "two copies" left on Amazon UK see
Gordon Lightfoot - Troubadour / Live:...Gordon Lightfoot - Troubadour / Live:... the complete1979 concert is of course on YouTube at
(I'll post this as a plain hyperlink as the display feature here is too iffy for me to bother with anymore)
and anybody with an iota of inquisitiveness/internet savvy can easily find how to download that video from youtube then burn their own DVD from it
It WAS AT THE TIME successfully embedded/displayed in a corfid posting by TG at
I meant no one no harm

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