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Misty Moppens! :D Love yer name by the way,any relation to "Floora-Moppen???" LOL!! :D

Anyhow,why didn't "Shadows" and it's single's do well? A few reasons:

1. The '80s were very unkind to a number of artists from the '70s,they were thought of as "out of the loop". Gord (so they said) didn't fit the times,so radio shied away and the Mtv videos didn't really "capture" Gord's songs either.

2. Warner Bros. records (USA) was not behind him 100% at that time. Partially due to his drinking problem. (Gee,WB & other labels didn't sem to mind their drugged out rock bands though!) They didn't do much to promote it either!

3. A new generation (mine) of teens weren't to keen on listening to a singer our Dads' age! (Not me by the way,I never stopped liking Sundown & Carefree Highway & "Wreck". )
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