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Default Re: Massey Hall setlist Saturday 21 November 2009

All those things you were witness to at early Lightfoot concerts yet you still went back? But the voice of a well lived 71 year old and the fact that he is still singing is what has you posting here...

Well I guess there are a lot of deluded folks who have been wandering North America and taking in Lightfoot concerts for decades wherever he's playing - (and not just 'back in the day") who are still following him and loving it every time.

Many who also have been long time fans, have seen him many, many times and know he isn't the 70's Lightfoot but still find the performances fulfilling and worth their time, and their money to buy tickets and travel to the shows.

Can I safely assume you won't be attending any of the 2010 shows?
That will leave one more seat for someone who feels differently than you about the Lightfoot of today.
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