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Default Bob Doidge Discusses Grant Ave. Studio and Working with Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot's three most recent studio albums ("A Painter Passing Through", "Harmony" and "Solo") were recorded by Bob Doidge at the Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. (The songs "Shellfish" and "The No Hotel" on the "Harmony" album are exceptions, though, as they were live recordings from concerts at Massey Hall in Toronto.)

Bob Doidge also co-produced (with Lightfoot) the "A Painter Passing Through" album and is listed as the producer of the "Harmony" album.

In addition, Doidge contributed as a performer on several songs on the "A Painter Passing Through" and "Harmony" albums. For example, on the song "A Painter Passing Through", Doidge played the clay drum and performed background vocals. On the song "End of All Time", Doidge played pan pipes, bass, strings, high-string guitar and clay drum and also contributed piano effects.

Here is a link to a 4-minute video in which Bob Doidge talks about the Grant Avenue Studio and having the opportunity to work with Gordon Lightfoot:

I especially like the part where Doidge describes what he did five minutes after he found out that he would get a chance to work with Lightfoot (after patiently waiting for 30 years for the opportunity).
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