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Default Re: JOHN FOWLES - assistance please

The crux of the matter is obviously getting the correct URL. I haven't yet fathomed out why my first attempt to us Char's image URL with the [img] and [/img] tags failed I just assumed that the URL she had posted contained an error even though I had originally clicked it and the photo of the Lightfoot family duly appeared.
Anyway itreminded me that I had posted a 2 part tutorial on how to find an image's URL in my Facebook Timeline and I had meant to adapt it to my regular onlne tutorial format.
This I have now done and you can see it at:-
30 April 2017 I have revised the filename of my tutorial and generally tidied it up plus I corrected a pair of typos.
I would note that all it really does is illustrate how to get the internet address in 5 different browsers which is essential information because one can only display an image that is already available somewhere on the internet(not a punter tried to do recently an image that is only on your own hard drive so do not try to use the local address)
I meant no one no harm

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