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Default Re: Richmond Setlist

There seemed to be a lot of nice new lighting designs displayed on the scrims compared to my memories of my last Lightfoot concert.
That is a quote from Stargazers review of the recent Richmond VA concert

one of a few photos taken by Joshua Hill of Red Bank NJ at the August 8 concert in Englewood NJ that he has displayed on one of the umpteen Facebook pages now featuring Gordon.
In fact the full panoply of the new display is at times stunning. At the end of the concert whilst the stage crew were taking everything down I was able to study a bit of what has been done. Basically the light show now comprises a completely new and more extensive set of more impressive slides projected not onto the previous 8 or so full height drapes but onto three new main wide rollup panels (you can see a part of one projection on part of one of the wide panels in Joshua's photo above) with a few (6??) of the original narrow drapes on either side of them. please somebody take some photos at a future concert
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