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Default Re: Kingston Ontario (one blogger's thoughts)

Kingston ON 11 April
K-Rock Centre
This is a large high roofed ice Hockey Arena
apparently it has a total seating capacity of 5,700
for Gord's concert the seating at the end behind and alongside the stage was curtained off still allegedly leaving 4000 seats and it really was sold out including about 500 ignoramuses who decided that since concerts never start on time or feature eminently missable opening acts it was acceptable to spend a few more minutes in the bar then mosey on into the arena
We had aisle end seats quite far back so we were unable to see much of the first four numbers whilst the plebs sauntered in (no ushers with flashlights nor any easy way to see the chalked on the floor row numbers)
I had never spent much time in Kingston before so was very pleasantly surprised to find
that the area around our hotel (Ontario Street) was a hotbed of brew pubs.
the beers in the Kingston Brewing Company are especially recomended. But one huge disapointment one of three pubs in one nearby block sported the wonderful name of a
favourite UK real ale of mine

but did not actually serve it.
Enough of that reminiscing
The concert as at Ottawa was far from disappointing
the view from our hotel oom just included a portion of Lake Ontario and the K-Rock Centre (in Ottawa we could see the Peace Tower and the War Memorial that Gord said in that great 1965 La Cave Cleveland recording had inspired him to write one of the very first of his distinctive songs "Echoes Of Heroes"

1 Cotton Jenny
2 Carefree Highway
3 Sea Of Tranquility
4 14 Karat Gold
5 Never Too Close
6 A Painter Passing Through
7 Let it Ride
8 Rainy Day People
9 Shadows
10 Beautiful
11 The WatchLman's Gone
12 Medley Ribbon Of Darkness/Sundown
13 The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
He introduced the now familiar explanation that he was wrong to blaim the hatch for its sinking but "I got it right in the fifth verse"!!

1 Triangle
2 Hangdog Hotel Room
3 Restless
4 Fine As Fine Can Be
5 In My Fashion
6 Clouds Of Loneliness
7 Don Quixote
8 If Children Had Wings
9 If You Could Read My Mind
10 Early Morning Rain
11 Baby Step Back
12 Song For A Winter's Night
11 Baby Step Back

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