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Default Re: OTTAWA concert review

well yes one can argue for ages about the voice, but it is a fact that
Gord can still cause the hairs to raise on the back of your neck on several songs. My personal favourites for some time have been "Let It Ride" and
"Restless", now joined by the magificent adaptation of "If Children Had Wings",
Sorry to preempt your setlist posting Mandolin-Ann (I tried to spot any corfiddlrders in the NAC bit missed you there obviously)
Ottawa 10 April
National Arts Centre
1 Triangle
2 Did She Mention My Name
3 14 Karat Gold
4 Never Too Close
5 A Painter Passing Through
6 Rainy Day People
7 Let it Ride
8 Medley Spanish Moss/Shadows
9 Beautiful
10 Carefree Highway
11 Cotton Jenny
12 Medley Ribbon Of Darkness/Sundown
13 Hangdog Hotel Room
14 Alberta Bound

1 The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
2 Ring Neck Loon
3 Don Quixote
4 If Children Had Wings
5 In My Fashion
6 Make Way For The Lady
7 If You Could Read My Mind
8 Fine As Fine Can Be
9 Restless
10 Baby Step Back
11 Canadian Railroad Trilogy
12 Song For A Winter's Night
13 Old Dan's Records
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