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Default Re: My Dinner with Florian

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
Back in 1968 Mum and Dad came to Toronto from Vienna, Austria when she was 20. She told me that she first heard If You Could Read My Mind back then in a store and that was it!
Another CHaracteristically interesting and well wriitten report by the CHarismatic CHar but I am going to quibble about the above quote. By 1968 I considered myself a diehard Lightfoot fan.Indeed I attended two concerts in Montreal's Place Des Arts in that year and listened avidly to the radio.At no time before I left Canada in November 1969 do I recall hearing IYCRMM on the radio in a store or a concert.Nor did Gord sing it at the summer 1969 Charlottetown Festival.
(yet at a late 1968 concert in a JimNasium at McGill University I clearly remember being impressed by "Go My Way" (not released until a couple of years later))
I do remember however being pleasantly suprised in 1970 to hear IYCRMM on BBC Radio 1 where it was played nearly every day for a long time by the disk jockey Noel Edmunds who thereby made it into a major UK hit record
By The Way Noel is currently impersonating the Canadian Howie Mandel as the host of the UK version of Deal Or No deal, albeit Noel has rather more hair!!
Now where was I oh yes IYCRMM
the sheet music actually gives a copyright date for IYCRMMM of 1969 and I believe that the album IYCRMM a.k.a. Sit downYoung Stranger was recorded in late 1969 (Go My Way in the Summer Side Of Life sheet music book is shown as having a 1966 copyright.)
I know it is now 40 years later but dare I suggest that Florian's mother's memory is wrong on this point,
or did she mean soon after her arrival in Canada in 1968??
I do remember being briefly introduced to the elusive Florian at Massey in May 2001 but we missed him at the Orleans Las Vegas in 2005 because we only found out that Florian was going after the event.
I too hope he makes it to the grand reunion in November 2009 celebrating ten whole years since Jenney's fantastic first convention
I first heard of Florian when he posted as "corfid" on the Newsgroup in 1999 with a rather nice explanation of "That Same Old Obsession". I had the url of that posting and of his subsequent announcement of but mysteriously google groups are now unable to find either posting
I have compiled a brief history of the Newsgroup in which I linked to a couple of postings on that once important message board
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