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Affair on Touhy Ave. 12-23-2018 10:00 PM

How Do You Feel About This?
I've though about this on and off through the years and I'm wonder what many of you think about famous people including music people who bring children into the world?

I just uploaded a new Christmas song and the 3rd by Us The Duo. They had a baby not long ago and featured in the video.

For many people the reaction is how sweet and while I certainly am grateful for Us like so many who do one thing that troubles me is being for probably many because they're busy touring and recording they probably don't have as much time for their kids as parents who live regular lives and they end up not seeing them as much.

I've heard various cases such as John Lennon being gone away from his first son Julian and I've heard him mention that in an interview and when John ended up having Sean with Yoko he ended up having all this quality time with him having taken a 5 year break before putting out is last LP and who knows how he would one about family life had he not been killed.

I sort of realize they're people and are in many ways not much different than the average person and often want the same things as everyone else and I'm sure there are cases were people in the music biz don't end up allowing their work to spend less time with their kids or even spouses but so many do and it at least for me find it hard to have a true appreciation when those in music or others in the entertainment world who do have kids.

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