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rbengals 07-31-2001 05:05 PM

What GL songs make you tap your toe without trying. Or make you want to dance. For me it is The List and Old Dan's Records. I noticed this yesterday while I was making my salad, THE LIST came on, I was using the knife to cut the cucumbers and I thought boy I better wait till this song is over. It got a bit dangerous lol.

joveski 07-31-2001 07:53 PM

Old Dan's records
Mama Said
long thin dawn
you are what i am
ect :)

classicmixdj 07-31-2001 09:26 PM

"Slide on Over" form COTS

SilverHeels 08-02-2001 04:49 AM

Old Dan's Records
Heaven Dont Deserve Me
Did She Mention My Name
The List
Cotton Jenny

SilverHeels 08-02-2001 04:51 AM

You Are What I am

catmanron 08-02-2001 05:40 PM

Boss Man

Keep Smiling Ron http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.corfid.com/ubb/smile.gif

charlene 08-04-2001 11:42 PM

Alberta Bound


Scott Mac 08-05-2001 12:54 AM

Summertime Dream

Great song!

Bill 08-07-2001 08:12 AM

Alberta Bound is a toe tapper!

BILLW 08-07-2001 02:41 PM

One more vote for ALBERTA BOUND!

Tom 08-07-2001 10:55 PM

"If It Should Please You" has a nice groove.

bobo 08-08-2001 11:32 AM

Let's not forget "10 degrees and colder" or "I'd do it again"

loveyagord 04-13-2002 04:49 PM

"Blackberry Wine"

Rebecca 04-13-2002 04:52 PM

another vote for "Summertime Dream"

mytoyota@earthlink.net 04-14-2002 12:02 AM

How about Spin, Spin!

paperback dreams . . .

Dickieticker 04-14-2002 01:27 PM

Whay about "Remember Me I'm The One" My toes really go to town when I hear it.

seahawk11 04-14-2002 01:47 PM

'Hangdog Hotel Room' works for me.

The Gypsy 04-20-2002 02:48 PM

Dont forget Broken Dreams, that song just flows

" Stay Loose "

2Much2Lose 05-01-2002 01:11 PM

For toe-tapping, most of the songs listed here. For dancing, "Slide on Over."


"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by."

2Much2Lose 05-01-2002 01:13 PM

BTW, rbengals,

That wasn't a Bobbit salad you were making with that knife, was it?


"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by."

joveski 05-01-2002 08:40 PM

ah, another dylan fan!.
even dylan has admitted that hendrix version is the best and when he plays it nowadays, he plays the hendrix arrangement.

watchman, have you heard dylan cover early morning rain on Self Portrait and the live version he does of "i'm not supposed to care"??

MistyMoppens 04-04-2020 10:09 AM

Re: toe tapper
Long ago, Gord was the one to tell me that "If It Should Please You" was "just a toe tapper just to get things started." and I said, "YEAH!! What a GREAT way to start an album!!" I also told him that he always sounds soo0oOoooo sexy when he sings it. Because he does. This was around summer 1988-ish.

True story. Hand to God.

Kelly Davis 04-15-2020 11:57 AM

Re: toe tapper
1. Hangdog Hotel Room (love the bass line - Rick Haynes told me he got that style from playing in bars)
2. You Are What I Am
3. Sixteen Miles (To Seven Lakes) (great song!!!)
4. Did She Mention My Name

paskatefan 04-16-2020 05:46 AM

Re: toe tapper
If It Should Please You
Slide on Over
Alberta Bound
I'd Do It Again
Blackberry Wine


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